Welcome to the Coastal Research Group at the Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest, Romania

The Coastal Research Group is a small but enthusiastic group of researchers, dealing with a wide range of scientific topics from Holocene Landscape Evolution (Danube delta, Lower Danube valley, deltaic lobes, beach ridge plains, barrier spits and islands) and Large-scale coastal behavior to Coastal and Fluvial Geoarchaeology, Coastal Geomorphology (beach morphodynamics, foredune development, nearshore sandbars and shoreface), Coastal Climate (storm evolution and impact, climate variability), Nearshore Hydrodynamics or River-Sea interactions. The group conducts research projects on the Romanian Black Sea coast, Danube Delta and Lower Danube Valley with the main hotspot on the central coast of the Danube Delta (Sfântu Gheorghe Marine and Fluvial Research Station – University of Bucharest).